Yigal Landau – Biography

Yigal Landau is a businessman who successfully combines merge of entrepreneurship and management skills of large-scale business entities. Yigal has been active in the business arena since the 90’s. In 1992, Yeshayahu (Shaikeh) and his son Yigal Landau, in collaboration with the Rotlevy family, the late Zvi Tzafriri, and Geologist Eitan Eisenberg, established the “Ratio Oil Exploration (1992)” – Limited Partnership for the purpose of oil exploration in Israel. Yigal was appointed to Director and General Manager of Ratio and has held both positions since the establishment of the Ratio.

Professional Activities


Yigal Landau (Orel Cohen, Calcalist)

Ratio, headed by Yigal Landau, conducts oil and gas exploration in areas where oil rights are granted to Ratio by the State of Israel. In the early years of its establishment, Ratio focused on onshore oil exploration, however, after several dry wells as well as wells which were regarded as non-commercial discoveries, Yigal, along with his partners, decided to shift Ratio activities to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in deep water in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea known as the Levant Basin. Following geological examinations conducted by a Ratio’s geologist in the beginning of the century, the Partnership made a challenging decision whereby, despite the significant costs required to carry out exploration activities, including drill of wells, in deep water of the Levant Basin, Ratio would concentrate on areas with the highest probability for commercial discovery of oil.

The decision later turned out to be the right as well as a successful choice. Ratio applied for the preliminary permit, named “Ratio Yam,” and together with the US based Noble Energy and two entities affiliated with the Israeli based Delek Group continued to explore the area. Finally, subsequent to drilling the Leviathan 1 well, Leviathan was announced as commercial discovery. As of the end of 2014, the resources in the Leviathan field are estimated in the amount of approximately 22 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 39 million barrels of condensate. The Leviathan field is the world’s best gas asset in terms of size, quality and production capacity – all of that significant success has been made due to Yigal and his partners at Ratio.

Yigal Landau

Yigal Landau

According to Landau’s worldview, Israel must strive and seek to pursue energy independence, and therefore must continue to enable private sector to continue the exploration for oil and gas in Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zone. This approach stems from the conviction that success in this area will prevent Israel from being dependent on other countries for fossil energy and will create significant economic benefits for the Israeli economy.

As a member of a long established and successful family business, which has become one of the pillars of the Israeli economy, Yigal Landau sees himself as a leader of processes in the energy field as well as a successor.

In addition to his activities with Ratio, Yigal Landau has contributed over the years to many other noticeable activities in the business field, including:

  • 2005-2013 – Director at “Dalia” Power Energies Ltd. Landau ventured to establish the company’s private power plant in Tel-Tzafit, which, with a capacity of 870 megawatts, is expected to be the largest private power plant in Israel and the investment for its establishment is estimated at a level of USD 1.0 billion. The power plant is expected to house two integrated combined cycle power generation units, fueled by natural gas, each unit ‘s installed capacity is approx. 435 MW.
  • 2001 and onward – Director at Proseed Venture Capital Fund Ltd. The fund invests in start-ups and high-tech companies in the information technology, life sciences and medical device fields.
  • 1993 and onward – Director at the Union Bank of Israel. As a member of the board, he serves as a member of the Risk Management Committee, the Diamond Merchants Credit Committee, the Committee for Fixed Asset Transactions and in the Real Investment Committee.
  • 1990 and onward – CEO of Hiram Landau Ltd., a leading company in infrastructure, and real estate development, which, among others, is responsible for the recycling of roads using advanced methods as well as for the production of asphalt. The company has undertaken many projects, including the development of an area of 1,200 acres in Modi’in. In 1991, the company was established by Hiram Landau’s company, “Ecological Ltd.” for research and development of a fat-absorbing material.

Public Activities

Leviathan Drilling Rig

Leviathan Drilling Rig

Yigal Landau’s work includes extensive activities for the public, through which he participates in various events, including fundraising and charity events. Among his other activities, Landau has hosted several events at his house, including the gala evening for Nefesh B’Nefesh as well as the annual event for the Nahum Gutman Museum of Art. In addition, Landau raises donations for numerous organizations and associations, including the Friends of the Kaplan Medical Center and the Orr Shalom Foundation.


Yigal Landau holds an MBA in Business Administration from Tel Aviv University (1986) and a BSc in Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa (1982). In 1987 he successfully completed a summer Manager’s Course at Harvard University in the United States. During his service with the IDF, Yigal served in a Construction Center and holds the rank of Major (Res.).

Married to Dr. Tzipi Landau, principal of a school in Tel Aviv.