Yigal Landau at the Calcalist conference: “We wish to put Israel on the path of energy independence”

Calcalist, Sept 7 2011

Ratio CEO Yigal Landau took part in the Calcalist conference and spoke of Israel’s need for energy independence. He said the goal of Ratio Oil Exploration Limited Partnership was to help Israel reach this independence as soon as possible. He said, “there is a very high price to pay when the State is forced to import fuels from various sources.”

Landau also remarked on the changes in regulations for gas exploration. He explained that in the late 1980s, private companies were granted exploration licenses for gas: “The joint venture between Ratio, Delek, and Avner was signed in 2007 and there were no complains about it from anyone. Even two years later, with the first gas discovery, no one uttered a word. It is unjustified to suddenly find fault now, at this stage. Natural Gas energy is cheap and clean as compared to alternative sources. It is important to understand in what lays the good of the country.”

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Yigal Landau - The Article From Calcalist

Yigal Landau – The Article From Calcalist

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