Yigal Landau: “I hope we shall see Leviathan move into production”

Calcalist, Feb 13 2011

Speaking to Calcalist in anticipation of the Leviathan’s resource estimation in the exploration well, Yigal Landau, one of the controlling partners in Ratio Oil Exploration Limited Partnership, was asked about the implementation of the Sheshinski Committee conclusions. Landau said he hopes this will not turn out to be a bubble: “The unit prices, I believe, reflect public perception of the future.”

In the interview, Yigal Landau claimed that the committee conclusions have been detrimental for all oil and gas exploration partnerships. He said the conclusions have led to an unnecessary delay, which is proving very costly for the State of Israel. In addition, he criticized the government for failing to fulfill the agreements it had signed.

In response to one-time Governor of the Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, expressing his belief that 10 years would pass before gas flowed from Leviathan, Landau said: “I have great respect for Fischer, who is a leading professional in his field, but I hope and believe we shall see gas from Leviathan long before that. It is in the interest of the Leviathan joint venture to drive this process forward and move projects to the next stage.”

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Yigal Landau - From Calcalist

Yigal Landau – From Calcalist

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