Yigal Landau: “If it weren’t for etrepreneurs, there would be no gas”

Calcalist, July 10 2012

Speaking to Calcalist, Ratio CEO Yigal Landau claims that gas signals had already been identified in 1995, but at the time there was no regulator to deal with. Senior industry figures have warned that unless the government changes its policy, Israel will end up with no gas at all. Moreover, all the gas would have remained in the ground if it weren’t for entrepreneurs, as apparent from the fact that the government failed to discover gas despite 40 years of efforts.

As an example to this, Landau mentions the case of British Gas, which identified initial signals for the Tamar field almost 20 years ago, but walked away due to the high level of the bureaucracy in Israel. Since then, he says, almost two decades of futile drilling have gone by. “As an Israeli citizen, I would want an LNG plant so we could export to other countries, but if it takes another decade to get it approved, and if we see a repetition of the power plant and desalination plant stories, that would be like saying that industry does not export at all,” he concluded.

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From Calcalist Yigal Landau

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