Yigal Landau: “Israel will be able to export gas”

Calcalist, March 2 2010

In an interview with Calcalist, Ratio CEO Yigal Landau spoke of the Israeli “oil fever.” When asked about the growing popularity of oil and gas exploration, he replied that a great deal of public attention has been attracted by the recent successes in this field: “There were, in all probability, companies that had no thought of entering this field, and have now taken that step. Licenses would not have been granted to someone with no experience.”

In reply to the question, whether Israel was on its way to becoming an international energy power, Landau said that things were looking very favorable on a national level, and that the government was looking to receive 12.5 percent in royalties. He said that these circumstances are beneficial both to the government and the labor market, but more importantly, the country will have a good, stable energy source with high availability.

When asked about the possibility of exporting gas to other countries, Yigal Landau replied: “There is a proven technology for conveying gas through pipelines over large distances, and this issue is under examination.” He believes it would be better for the gas to be sold locally in Israel, but there could be a scenario of building a pipeline to Turkey, which would then connect to the whole of Europe. In this scenario, he said, Israel could find itself in competition with Russia in the gas market.

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Yigal Landau - Interview

Yigal Landau – Interview

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